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Learn about the Midwest as a whole - its unique assets, values, and its role in a new global economy.


Living and Working in the Midwest
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Starting and Growing a Business
Global Reach
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The Midwest - America's Smartland

“I see the Midwest as a region defined by its place and its people. We are the heartland and the headwaters of our nation. Not only do we embrace the best located and the most productive of our nation’s land, we embrace, and to a large extent are bound together by, the nation’s most remarkable freshwater resources: the Great Lakes and three of our country’s largest rivers—the Missouri, the Ohio and the Mississippi.

"We Midwesterners are location-rich, land-rich and water-rich in a world that is location-poor, land-poor and water-poor.  What a gift our place is!

"But, the Midwest is also defined by its people—and our love of work, and our love of learning and our basic values, and our enthusiasm.” 

                    ~~ Ohio Governor Richard Celeste at an MGA meeting in 1987.

The MGA published a series of brochures to help promote a positive Midwestern narrative. The current brochures include: