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2007 MGA Energy Summit

In November 2007, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, then MGA chair, hosted Midwestern governors and the Premier of Manitoba in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the MGA's Midwestern Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Summit to demonstrate their commitment to a long-term transition to a lower-carbon economy. At the meeting, governors released their Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Platform for the Midwest (Energy Platform), which outlines ambitious regional energy goals. These goals highlight the region's burgeoning biofuels industry, huge energy efficiency potential, vast coal reserves and underground storage potential to store captured carbon, considerable wind power potential and world-class manufacturing capabilities.

The Energy Platform ambitious goals are organized into four main tenants: energy efficiency, renewable electricity, biofuels and carbon capture and storage.

Notable goals of the Platform include:

Energy Efficiency:

  • Meet at least 2 percent of regional annual retail sales of natural gas and electricity through energy efficiency improvements by 2015, and gain an additional 2 percent in efficiency improvements every year thereafter.

Biobased Products and Transportation:

  • By 2012: Advanced cellulosic and other low-carbon transportation fuels should be commercially produced in the region.
  • By 2015: E85 will be offered at 15 percent of gas stations compared to the current level of 3 percent.

Renewable Electricity:

  • By 2015: 10 percent of electricity consumed in the region will be from renewable resources.
  • By 2030: 30 percent of electricity consumed in the region will be from renewable resources.

Advanced Coal and Carbon Capture and Storage:

  • By 2010: A regional regulatory framework for carbon capture and storage (CCS) will have been implemented that enables permanent geologic storage of CO2; provides regulators and industry clear direction with regards to CO2 capture; injection, monitoring, verification and compliance; and addresses ultimate liability for stored CO2.
  • By 2012: A multi-jurisdiction pipeline will have been sited and permitted to transport CO2 captured from one or more new advanced coal plants and, potentially, biofuels plants to an appropriate reservoir for use in enhanced oil and gas recovery (EOR).
  • By 2020: All new coal gasification and coal combustion plants will capture and store CO2 emissions.
  • By 2050: The region’s fleet of coal plants will have transitioned to CCS.


The Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Summit was organized by the Midwestern Governors Association and funded by the Joyce Foundation.  Working groups of public and private stakeholders, staffed by the Great Plains Institute, developed the agreements for the Summit.