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Economic Development


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Economic Development

Today, the Midwest is home to major sectors of the U.S. economy - manufacturing, agriculture, energy and tourism. Midwestern governors are always seeking production opportunities to increase economic growth and create jobs in their individual states and the region.

America continues to be the largest manufacturer in the world, with the Midwest contributing significantly toward the country's output. New energy industries in the Midwest are emerging as focal points for job creation and retention. A number of recent studies suggest that new energy industries can create as many as 1.2 million jobs over the next decade, with as much as a third of those in high-wage, high-skill manufacturing and construction jobs. Click here for more information on the governors' efforts to create and retain jobs in the new energy economy.

The success and growth of these industries and the economic vitality of the region hinge on access to safe, convenient, reliable and affordable transportation. For more information on the MGA's transportation policies, click here.

With strong rural communities as an additional top priority for the region's governors, the MGA developed policies dedicated to rural issues. Even with a high quality of life, rural communities in the Midwest face unique challenges building and maintaining economic activity that supports competitive and well-paying employment opportunities. Learn more about this regional focus here.

For past MGA efforts, please visit our Initiatives Archive page by clicking here.


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