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Sam Brownback's Agenda

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2016 - Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's Agenda


Kansas Governor Brownback was the 2016 Chair of the MGA and his agenda focused on promoting the benefits of mentoring as a method to reduce poverty in the Midwest.

Despite the globally recognized regional attributes of the Midwest, there are some in the region that are living in poverty. States continue to lead on policies, programs and assistance for those in need. However, the complexity of this issue does not allow for a one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, there are a lot of regional similarities and opportunities for sharing best practices.


As part of this effort, the MGA establishes a working group of Midwesterners from a wide-spectrum including governors’ and state agency staff, academia, community groups and other leaders in their states. 

The MGA organized a series of conference calls with members of the working group throughout the spring and summer to focus on varying aspects of mentoring individuals out of poverty.

The MGA hosted a fall series of webinars to help highlight and promote methods and successes of mentoring programs in the Midwest.