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2016 - Kansas Governor

Sam Brownback's Agenda

2015 - Kansas Governor 

Sam Brownback's Agenda

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2013 - Minnesota Governor

Mark Dayton's Agenda

2012 - Iowa Governor

Terry Branstad's Agenda


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2013 - Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's Agenda

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton was the 2013 Chair of the MGA and focused his agenda on addressing aquatic invasive species (AIS). The governor brought states together to discuss and collaborate on AIS efforts.


Every year invasive species cause huge economic losses and dramatic ecological changes. The National Invasive Species Information Center estimated that these pests, at the low end, cause $138 billion annually in damages and reduced production. Given the combined significance of aquatic species, the agricultural sector, expansive forestlands and vast rural areas, invasive species are an extreme threat to the Midwestern way of life.

MGA activities for Governor Dayton's agenda include:

  • Congressional Briefing on AIS

The MGA held a briefing on AIS for Congressional offices and interested members of the public. The briefing provided an overview of state and regional efforts to address the spread of AIS in inland lakes and waterways, as well as ways states and the federal government can better coordinate efforts.



More information on AIS, including the AIS Summit, is available by clicking here.