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Maximizing Bioenergy Resources in the Midwest


A variety of biomass to energy opportunities exist throughout the Midwest, with feedstocks ranging from energy crops to food waste to manure. Many of these biomass resources are currently not fully developed or utilized and state-led programming or incentives can help grow the industry.  Biomass can be converted to electricity and/or heat, used as a source of renewable natural gas, or provide a variety of vehicle fuels. A strong bioenergy market could result in local economic development as well as provide a range of potential environmental benefits. The MGA Smartland Series will discuss strategies related to:

  • securing a sustainable biomass supply,
  • improving the efficiency of biomass processing and conversion,
  • expanding the bioenergy market, and
  • creating inclusive biomass business models capturing the ag/energy/water nexus.

In-Person Meeting

October 11-12, 2017

The meeting will take place in Iowa City, Iowa and will be a combination of selected high-level speakers and attendee discussion to synthesize lessons learned. We are tentatively planning 2 biomass related tours.


Attendee List

Speaker Biographies

Speaker Handouts

Day 1

Jeff Broin, POET

Martin Adkins, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

M. Cristina Negri, Argonne National Laboratory

Dave Broihahn, Unison Solutions, Inc.

Day 2

Roeslein Alternative Energy Overview Video

Robert Brown, Iowa State University & Bioeconomy Institute

Cliff Haefke, U.S. DOE Midwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnership

U.S. DOE CHP Deployment Program

Royce Hammitt, Wasatewater Specialist


American Biogas Council



July 20, 2017 - The Economic Development Case for Biomass

This webinar featured a presentation and discussion on the benefits of biomass in the Midwest. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of why biomass is useful, where it is being implemented and by whom, and what barriers exist to further implementation.

Dr. Matthew Langholtz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

August 31, 2017 - State Bioenergy Profiles and Case Studies

This webinar featured presentations from Shelly Peterson from the Iowa Economic Development Authority and Maria Redmond from the Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation.

Shelly Peterson, Iowa Economic Development Authority

Maria Redmond, Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation

September 14, 2017 - Regional Economic Benefits of Bioenergy

This webinar focused on the economic benefits and potential of the Bioenergy sector in the Midwest.

Shashi Menon, EcoEngineers

Iowa Impact Report 2016

Caroline Henry, quasar energy group