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New Utility Business Model

The Midwestern Governors’ Association¬† (MGA) will organize a project to alert the staffs of public utility commissions and other elected and appointed officials in Midwestern states to the issues surrounding the changing nature of the electric utility business model, as more distributed generation and customer choice impacts the traditional business model. MGA seeks to obtain assistance in this project from the Great Plains Institute (GPI).

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July 13-14, 2016: Utility Business Model of the Future

St. Paul, Minnesota


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Utility Model News Article

Littell Presentation

Whited Presentation

The Consumer Centric Utility

51st State Report


May 26, 2016: Overview of the utility business model issues


June 7, 2016: A more detailed look at the state responses

New York Presentation

Minnesota Presentation

California Presentation

June 16, 2016: Technology options for the new utility model

Navigant Presentation

ComEd Presentation

June 28, 2016: Pricing options/issues