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The Midwest - Visiting the Region

The Midwest has varied landscapes and activities: from the plains of Kansas to the forests of Wisconsin; the bustle of Chicago to the fertile fields of Iowa to the Ozarks of Missouri; the "Motor City" in Michigan to the speedways of Indiana; the carved presidents of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota to Ohio, the "Mother of Presidents"; to the great lakes, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota. It is a place like no other.

The Midwest is truly “America’s Heartland” with international cities, rural communities, natural wonders, cultural and sporting events, refreshing beaches and the world’s most productive agricultural communities. The region is also exceedingly navigable with well-planned roads and highway systems, linked passenger rail service, integrated waterways and connected airports that make traveling throughout the Midwest convenient for visitors. Midwesterners are also known for their friendly, welcoming personalities and “down-to-earth” nature. The ease of travel and welcoming spirit represents the best America has to offer.

In addition to the wide array of national parks within the region, click here to view, Midwestern states also offer numerous state parks for residents and visitors.