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Maximizing the Economic Potential of Midwestern Forests


As part of Gov. Scott Walker's agenda as MGA chair, the MGA will host an America's Smartland Series focusing on the economic development potential of Midwestern forests. 

We invite you join us for these webinars. More information is listed below, along with links to register. Please note that advanced registration is required. 
Webinars Schedule (All webinars will begin at 11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am Central)

September 21, 2017
The Growing Economic Potential of the Midwestern Forests

This introductory webinar will generally explore the potential of Midwestern forests. As demand for paper decreases, there is a need to explore alternative markets for Midwestern forests. 

Kurt Thiede, Interim Secretary, Wisconsin DNR

Mark Rudnicki, Executive Director, Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute


October 26, 2017Click here to register
Building Our Forests One Structure at a Time 
This webinar will focus on the building potential of the timber industry. While homes have long been made using wood, office buildings and taller structures are seeing a resurgence as technologies advance.  


November TBD, 2017
Next Generation Wood Products
On this webinar, we will hear about advanced wood product industries that are on the cutting edge. There are an abundance of innovation and technological advancements that allow for new uses of forest resources.